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Junior talk, April 2009

Junior Talks Current:
Currently there are no Junior Talks.
Junior Talks 2009:

Next talk: Christian Schmiegelow (food and drinks: Cecilia). 

November 17: Cecilia Cormick (composite bosons). Food and drinks: Juan. 

October 29: Juan Pedrosa (random matrix theory and quantum chaos). Food and drinks: Ariel.

October 1st. Ariel Bendersky (quantum mechanics from five reasonable axioms). Food and drinks:Lisandro.

August 20: Lisandro Raviola, on his recent work related to diffusion and dissipation effects in the quantum baker map. Food and drink: Christian & Griselda.

July 16: Visit to the optics lab in charge of Griselda Mingolla and Christian Schmiegelow.

June 22: (Even more) Informal meeting: welcome party for Cecilia, good-bye party for Augusto. 

Long intermission...

April 20: Pablo Saldanha, on his own optics work (momentum of a classical field in a medium, reflection by quantum mirrors). 

April 3: Griselda Mingolla, on recent work at the optics lab.

Junior Talks 2008:

December 5 (last junior talk of the year): 16 hs. Christian Schmiegelow, on Kalman filters and tomographic reconstruction with error bars. Food and drinks: Griselda.

November 13: Cecilia Cormick: ion trap quantum computing. Food and drinks: Augusto.

October 23: Juan Pedrosa: postulates of Quantum Mechanics. Food and drinks: Christian (caipirinha!).

October 2: Leo Ermann: zeros of the Riemann function (food and drinks: Juan).This time the meeting is at Juan's and there's dinner after the talk.

September 4: Ariel Bendersky: Kochen-Specker and free will theorems (food and drinks: Cecilia).

August 5: Augusto Roncaglia: entanglement dynamics of two oscillators coupled to the same bath (food and drinks: Ariel).

July 14: Christian Schmiegelow: orbital angular momentum and paraxial waves (food and drinks: Juan).

June 27: Cecilia Cormick: dynamic QPT in the Ising model (19 hs, dinner after talk).

June 13: Juan Pedrosa: open baker map.

May 26: Leo Ermann: quantum and classical chaotic maps. 

May 5: Federico Holik: quantum logic.

April 18: Asado at Leo's (goodbye party for Fer Pastawski). 

April 4: Ariel Bendersky, concurrence, generalizations, and measurement schemes.

Junior Talks 2007:

Talks on Mondays, at 17:30, every three weeks (more or less) 

December 12: Augusto Roncaglia, basics of DMRG. 

November 26: Christian Schmiegelow, non-demolition measurements in cavity QED. 

November 5: Cecilia Cormick, no-go theorem for stable quantum memory. 

Past talks on Wednesdays, 17:30:

October 3: Fernando Pastawski, dynamics of initially entangled open quantum systems. 

September 12: Leo Ermann, preparation of random quantum states.

---------------- winter holidays (and schools, etc) -------------------

July 11: Ariel Bendersky, measurements, nonlocality, and Bell inequalities.

July 4: Film: Argentina Latente. Talk postponed.

June 13: Augusto Roncaglia, quantum oscillators interacting with the same, or different, oscillator baths.

May 23: Christian Schmiegelow, experiments with photons.

May 2: Cecilia Cormick, entanglement and thermodynamics.

March 28: Fernando Pastawski, quantum process tomography.


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