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Group meeting, April 2009

Group Meetings 2017:

Group meeinging started the 5th of April.

We are doing a short stop for winter between 06.07. and 08.08.

Skeduled week reviewers:

09.08. Ignacio Lopez Grande

16.08. Laura Knoll

23.08. Agustina Magnoni

 30.08. Federico Cerisola

06.09. Milton Aguilar

13.09. Belén Farias

20.09. Marín Drechsler

27.09. - No group meeting due to National Physics Meeting

 04.10. Ignacio Perito



Past reviewers:

04.07. Augusto Roncaglia.

28.06. Christian Schmiegelow

 21.06. Martín Drechsler

 14.06. Federico Cerisola

07.06. Milton Aguilar

31.05. Austina Magnoni

24.05. Laura Knoll

17.05. Ignacio Perito 

10.05. Patricio Ginberg

03.05. Ignacio López Grande

 26.04. Belen Farias

19.04. Augusto Roncaglia

12.04.2017 Christian Schmiegelow - Time Crystals

05.04.2017 Nahuel Freitas -Quantum Complexity fo Stocastic Processes




Group Meetings 2010-2016:
During this perios we heald regular meetings every Wednesday at 10am.
Group Meetings 2009:
December 9: Last group meeting of the year.
December 2: Meeting cancelled because of Marcos Fest (quantum chaos workshop dedicated to Marcos Saraceno's 65th birthday). 
November  25: Discussion of recent work.
November 18: Meeting cancelled.
November 11: General comments + talk by Cecilia López, on work done during her PhD (quantum tomography). 
November 4: Suspended (Juan Pablo is not here). 
October 28: Diego Wisniacki (experimental implementation of the kicked top) and Cecilia Cormick (on quantum discord). 
October 21: Discussion of recent papers. 
October 14: Discussion of recent papers. 
October 7: General comments on papers + talk by Adrian Budini (CAB-IB) at 11h.
September 30: Ariel Bendersky, on compressed state tomography. 
September 23: highlights of Paraty 2009 - Christian comments on some papers related to Aspect and Vogel's lectures.
Next weeks: meeting suspended because of Paraty 2009. 
August 26: Diego Francisco (Quantum solution to the arrow of time dilemma, Quantum adiabatic brachistochone). 
August 19: Ariel Bendersky (work value of information, ontic states for a qubit, quantum process tomography).
August 12: Christian Schmiegelow (Bell inequalities, Bayesian probabilities) and Cecilia Cormick (laser cooling, area law, decoherence of qubits coupled to thermal baths, and complexity of 1D Hamiltonians). 
Group meetings are suspended during the rest of June and until mid-July because Juan Pablo is away, and then because of the Giambiagi school.
June 3: Juan Pedrosa and Lisandro Raviola.
May 27: Replaced by Augusto's thesis defence.
May 20: Christian Schmiegelow. 
May 13: Diego Francisco. 
May 6: Cecilia Cormick (squeezing, entanglement and quantum walks in ion traps, fermionic PEPs) and Leo Ermann (quantum memory under depolarizing noise, bound entanglement),
April 29: AugustoRoncaglia (non-violation of Clausius inequality, quantum process discrimination) and Ariel Bendersky (non-clonability in orthoalgebras, quantum halting problem).
April 22: Everybody comments on recent papers (mostly: Diego Wisniacki on semiclassical approximations, Leo Ermann on decoherence of two oscillators coupled to a common environment, Juan Pablo Paz on recent work with Ariel). 
April 15: Christian Schmiegelow (experimental demonstration of noncontextuality, Bell-like violations with lossy photon number detectors) and Juan Pedrosa (long-time behaviour of the Loschmidt echo, entanglement decay in graph states). 
April 8: Pablo Saldanha (localized states of photons, parametric down conversion, quantum darwinism) and Raphael Drummond (superadditivity of channel capacity, generalization of Stein's Lemma).
April 1: Cecilia Cormick and Leonardo Ermann. Repeatable maps, fractal area laws, frame representations, weak measurements.
March 25: Ariel Bendersky and Augusto Roncaglia (decay of entanglement of generalized GNZ states, no-go theorem for Gaussian error correction, non-existence of universal transverse encoded gates, vanishing initial discord as necessary and sufficient condition for CP maps).
March 18: Diego Francisco (complete teleportation of photons, dynamics of bounds for concurrence, quantum noise as entanglement meter).
March 11: First meeting of the year. Everybody comments on recent papers.
Group Meetings 2008:
December 17: Discussion of recent papers (last meeting of the year).
December 10: Tour to the quantum optics lab, in CITEFA.
December 3: This meeting has been replaced by Marcelo Terra Cunha's talk (Tuesday 2, 15 hs).
November 26: Christian Schmiegelow and Ariel Bendersky, on their recent work.
November 19: Cancelled.
November 12: Cecilia Cormick (Gottesman-Knill theorem and beyond); Leo Ermann (block entanglement in spin systems).
November 5: Everybody reads and comments a paper.
October 29: Diego Francisco (G-concurrence, and a couple of proposals for experiments).
October 22: Ariel Bendersky and Christian Schmiegelow, comments on the talks at Quantum Optics (Florianopolis).
October 15: Suspended because of Quantum Optics (Florianopolis).
October 8: Richi Larotonda, on one-way quantum computing with continuous variables, and Christian Schmiegelow, comments on several papers (mainly on optics experiments).
October 1: Diego Wisniacki, on talks at Benasque.
September 24:  Everybody comments on recent papers.
September 17: Suspended because of the Argentinian physicists meeting.
September 10: Leo Ermann (on decoherence, quantum walks, and part of his own work).
September 3: Cecilia Cormick, comments on the talks at QCMC by Gottesman, Laflamme, Lo, Plenio, Verstraete, and Werner.
August 27: Cancelled.
August 20: Group meeting moved to 14 hs. Simone De Liberato (ENS, Paris): "Observing the evolution of a quantum system that does not evolve" - Phys. Rev. A 76, 042107 (2007).
August 13: Group meetings are resumed. Several people talk.
July: Group meetings are suspended because of the absence of Juan Pablo and Marcos. Junior talks continue.
June 25: Diego Francisco (mainly on Schmidt decomposition, chaos and random matrix theory) 
June 18: Augusto Roncaglia (review of the week: quantum communication) + Ariel Bendersky (Singapore criptography protocol).
June 11: Leo Ermann (emphasis on entanglement witnesses).
June 4: Cancelled (physics week). 
May 28: Cecilia Cormick (emphasis on adiabatic quantum computing).
May 21: Ariel Bendersky. 
May 14: Christian Schmiegelow (emphasis on quantum imaging).
May 7: Juan Pablo Paz (special attention to bound entanglement). 
April 30: Diego Francisco.
April 23: Augusto Roncaglia.
April 16: Cecilia Cormick (review of the week) + Fernando Pastawski (talk about his Diploma Thesis).
April 9: Leo Ermann. 
April 2: Holiday. 
March 26: Ariel Bendersky. 
March 19: Christian Schmiegelow.
March 12: Arrangement of the schedule for this year. 
Group Meetings 2007:
December 12: Last meeting of the year. Balance and comments on this year's work.
December 5: Same plan as the last week.
November 28: Informal talk; everybody will shortly comment on recent work/readings.
November 21: Leonardo Ermann, transport in chains with quantum maps.
November 14: Christian Schmiegelow, probabilistic entangling gates in linear optics.
November 7: Augusto Roncaglia, entanglement evolution for two systems with a common environment.
October 31: Cecilia Cormick, quantum simulation of interacting high-dymensional systems.
Holidays, schools, etc. (long intermission).
July 4: Diego Francisco, classical simulation of the teleportation algorithm.
June 27: Richi (?) Larotonda: Experiments with photons.
June 20: Cancelled.
June 13: Cancelled.
June 6: Guido Berlin (visiting us from Montreal), quantum information protocols with photons.
May 30: Beatriz Errea (Madrid), matrix product states as eigenstates of local Hamiltonians.
May 23: Christian Schmiegelow, generalized definitions of entanglement.
May 16: Diego Wisniaki, quantum control.
April 25: Fernando Pastawski, quantum process tomography.
April 11: Gustavo Lozano, entanglement in spin chains. 

Latest News

Nature Comm Publication

New publication on the measurement of work at the quantum level by Federico, Augusto, Juan Pablo and collaborators.

 termo experiment