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The group

The group belongs to the Physics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, at the University of Buenos Aires.

Active Image

This photograph was taken in the 2010 end of year meeting (asado at Marcos'). It was organized with the people in the Quantum Chaos Group at Tandar, CNEA.    


Scientific Interests:

The physics of quantum information and quantum computation (use of quantum computers for physics simulations, study of quantum algorithms as dynamical systems, study of potential physical realizations of quantum computers, quantum error correction, etc).
Decoherence and the physics of the quantum to classical boundary (decoherence for classically chaotic systems, decoherence and quantum measurement, controlled decoherence experiments, etc). Quantum thermodynamics. The dynamics of phase transitions (nonequilibrium and quantum effects in phase transitions, defect formation, etc).  

New Laboratory for Cold Ions and Atoms - LIAF:

 Recently we started building a new lab for cold ions and atoms (LIAF). Read about the project here or find out more about its development by clicking on the link on the sidebar.



Latest News

Nature Comm Publication

New publication on the measurement of work at the quantum level by Federico, Augusto, Juan Pablo and collaborators.

 termo experiment