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LIAF - First Year in Pictures
Monday, 06 February 2017

On February 2016 we started building our Laboratory for cold Atoms and Ions. After a hard year of work we have our first running experiments.


We started building our new lab where previously M. Sigman had his Neuroscience lab, where previously H. Simon had his Optics Lab. This is how it looked just before the last occupants left:


After some reordering we had our first work day with Noelia Fernandez, Ulises López and Luis Biaus, the first 3 undergraduate students of the lab:



In parallel, we started heavy construction work installing new air conditioning, electrics, painting, shelves etc. Most of the work was done by Andres Lemes with help from good part of our technical department.


And even before they were finished, we decided we wanted to go in and start working. Here is Ulises aligning our first external cavity laser diode.


Finally by October the main things were ready and the optical tables arrived.



And it didn't take long after that for Luis and Ulises to measure their first PDH signal!


And for Noelia to measure her first Rubidium absorption spectra!


With our two lab spaces ready for science we start 2017 with lots of projects and the happy results from grant applications!




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