Journal club

Welcome to the journal club page of the Quantum people of the Physics department, where we meet to discuss recent papers and hot topics of the quantum world.

In each meeting, a student is in charge of reviewing the recent relevant international articles and issues, trying to give an overview of the topics.


Here is the list of this year’s journal club. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to nnunez at so we add you to the list!


14-Apr Franco Mayo
21-Apr CUANTOS congress – no journal club
28-Apr Nicolás Nuñez Barreto
5-May Melisa Vinograd’s master thesis at 10 am
12-May Gastón Scialchi
19-May Special guest: Alan Kahan
26-May National holiday: May Revolution – no journal club
02-Jun Guillermo Perna
09-Jun Lucas Mendicino
16-Jun Lautaro Filgueira
23-Jun Nahuel Freitas
30-Jun Christian Schmiegelow
07-Jul Winter Break
14-Jul Winter Break
21-Jul Winter Break
28-Jul Winter Break
4-Ago Winter Break
Second semester  
22-Ago Annameng Ma’s master thesis at 11 am
12-Sept Christian Schmiegelow
19-Sept Guillermo Perna
26-Sept Lucas Mendocino




he speakers of the 2022 years along with the discussed paper can be found here:


13-Apr Nicolas Nuñez Barreto
20-Apr CUANTOS – no journal club
27-Apr Nicolas Mirkin
4-May Invited speaker: Fabricio Toscano
11-May Agustina Magnoni
18-May National census – no journal club
25-May National holiday: May Revolution – no journal club
01-Jun Ludmila Viotti
08-Jun Lautaro Filgueira
22-Jun Julián Morales
29-Jun Franco Mayo
06-Jul Muriel Bonetto
13-Jul Lucas Mendicino
20-Jul Winter Break
27-Jul Winter Break
3-Ago Prof. Esteban Calzetta
10-Ago Guillermo Perna
17-Ago Tomás Notenson
24-Ago Franco Mayo
31-Ago Nicolas Nuñez Barreto
7-Sept Lautaro Filgueira
14-Sept Prof. Christian Schmiegelow
28-Sept RAFA – no journal club
5-Oct Guillermo Perna
12-Oct Sofía Sevitz
19-Oct Tomás Notenson
26-Oct Muriel Bonetto
2-Nov Invited Speaker: Felix Hartmann




15/09 The topic today was Quantum Darwinism and disordered environments: when does objectivity emerges in the thermodynamic limit? See the full talk here.

01/09 Today we talk about quantum metrology and how it can achieve sub-shot noise in transimission measurements. Afterwards we also discussed the power of Skipper-CCDs to deliver single photon detection with spatial resolution. See the full talk here.

25/08 What can we get from mixing super-resolution microscopy and ion traps? Today we discussed how to see an ion’s wavepacket.

18/08 On this meeting, the topic was squeezed light, and how it can help to overcome detection noise.

2nd half

23/06 Today we discussed how to distinguish between an even or odd number of particles in Ising-like spin chains with the use of the Loschmidt echo.

16/06 The topic today was how to achieve ground state cooling of a large quantum system: in this article the authors cool an optically trapped nanoparticle by real-time optimal control of its quantum trajectory. The talk is available here!

09/06 Today: quantum non demolition measurements and how to do that with photons inside a fiber.

02/06 Nahuel Freitas, former member of the group, visited us today, to tell us about a stocastic Thermodynamics and a variety of applications, such as noise in electronic cicrcuits or information proccesing.

26/05 What is the optimal strategy to estimate the temperature of a Quantum system? This can be specially though in large systems, when an ideal measurement in the energy basis is not feasible. This was the topic of today, when we discussed about this article.

19/05 Today we found how to make an optical lattice with sound: this can be done by creating a BEC and coupling it to the modes of an optical resonator, which enables the system to support intearcting phonons and “crystalize”.

12/05 The topic of today was Quantum Control and Variational Algorithms. Defintely, not an easy task.

05/05 Pablo Poggi, former member of our group, joined us today to tell us about Quantum Simulations in the presence of Errors, and how we can estimate those errors in the output, given the observables involved in the computation.

28/04 Today we discussed how quantum dynamics might, in theory, be advantageous for simulating classical stochastic processes. Memoryless dynamics, markovian master equations and more in this article.

21/04 Photons have a solid history in the devolpment of quantum information tools: they allow a controlled interaction between continuous variable quantum systems. But what about doing the same with free electrons? Today we discussed how to generate and entangle electron pairs! Follow this link to find out how to do that.

14/04 The topic of today was how to trap single electrons in a Paul Trap at room temperature. Nico Nuñez told us about this work and how they managed to get the electrons trapped for around 1s and at room temperature.

31/03 Nicolas Mirkin told us about the gameplay between information scrambling and decoherence. This topic is transversal to many areas of quantum phyics, such as chaos and control, experiments with trapped ions and even information dynamics in black holes!

17/03 – We talked about imaging with quantum illumination, and the advantages of exploiting the correlations between photon pairs to reduce backround noise.

10/03 – We discussed the topic of macroscopic quantum phenomena, specially around this experiment from the LIGO collaboration where they cool a 10kg pendulum to a temperature of 77nK (around 10 phonons!). A nice review to try to figure out what “macroscopic quantumness” is, and what is not, can be found here. Spoiler: it is not an easy task.