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Photos 2008 (Floranopolis + Asado)

The first two pictures were taken in Florianopolis, in the Quantum Optics Conference. The other two, in our end-of-the-year barbacue.


Florianopolis - Quantum Optics:
The people in the photo are, from left to right, Ariel Bendersky, Juan Pablo Paz, Elena Rufeil Fiori (from Córdoba) and Christian Schmiegelow.
And more people attending the Quantum Optics Conference.
Asado 2008:
Sample Image
People present, from left to right: standing: Christian Schmiegelow, Marcos Saraceno, Augusto Roncaglia, Leonardo Ermann, Juan Pablo Paz, Diego Wisniacki, Alejandro Monastra, Griselda Mingolla, Natalia Ares, Gabriel Carlo, David Schneider, Maria Elena Spina; seating: Juan Pedrosa, Cecilia Cormick, Monica Agüero.
Sample Image
And a picture of the heads of the groups, Marcos Saraceno and Juan Pablo Paz.
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New publication on the measurement of work at the quantum level by Federico, Augusto, Juan Pablo and collaborators.

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