LIAF Foundation

The LIAF (Laboratory of  Cold Ions and Atoms) is a new laboratory that we are creating within the framework of our group. Its creation was approved by the Department of Physics and the Institute of Physics of Buenos Aires.

LIAF aims to fill a strategic vacancy in Argentine science: the coherent manipulation of cold ions and atoms and their use for basic and applied research (in fields ranging from high-resolution spectroscopy, metrology and quantum information processing).

The LIAF aims to fill a vacancy defined in the Strategic Plan developed by the National Lasers System (SINALA).

The founding group of LIAF is made up of Drs. Juan Pablo Paz (Director), Christian Schmiegelow, Augusto Roncaglia and Miguel Larotonda. This group elaborated the original project, which was debated in the Department of Physics claustros and approved by its academic council. The project can be found in this link.

The LIAF operates on the first floor of Pavilion 1 of the University City, in a place assigned by the DF that has approximately 120 square meters. During 2016 the necessary infrastructure works were completed: Electrical installation to new, adequacy of two rooms with insulation and thermal conditioning (and air filtering), technical floors, optical tables, and so on.

The LIAF was presented as a strategic project of Mexico City and IFIBA in the PME 2015 call. The presented project can be found here (link).

The LIAF project can provide the country with a laboratory unique in Latin America in which the first generations of specialists in high-resolution spectroscopy, quantum metrology and quantum processing of information with cold ions and atoms will be trained.

A presentation of the LIAF (talk presented by Juan Pablo Paz at the Balseiro Institute in February 2016) can be seen at the following link.

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